John thinks everyone should be able to see a doctor. John has always supported expanding access to healthcare. That way, more people can get the care they need, including veterans and families who are working two or three jobs. John knows there are thousands of people in our area without health insurance. These are our neighbors, our colleagues, and our friends. And John knows it’s not right.

He knows if more people get insurance, more people can get treatment and support. If more people see a doctor, they will spend less time in the emergency room or hospital. That will lower your premiums and save your family thousands of dollars. John has helped cut millions of dollars in waste from state government, which helps us focus on our priorities and values.

In 2018, John fulfilled his campaign promise of expanding access to quality, affordable health care with the passage of Medicaid expansion. This critical legislation brought health care to an estimated 40,000 people. 

John is also passionate about increasing awareness and resources to fight the opioid epidemic. During his time in the General Assembly, John has worked tirelessly to equip more citizens and health care professionals with the life-saving drug Narcan (naloxone). 

In memory of John’s son, Josh, John will continue to push for:   

  • Affordable health care for every Virginian
  • Funding for women’s health care providers (like Planned Parenthood) and access to reproductive healthcare for all Virginia women
  • Lower prescription drug costs 
  • Funding for naloxone and other life-saving opioid addiction treatments